Herbal Support to Soothe Stomachs, Boost Energy, & Balance the Biome

Alkaline Protein Power (powder)

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This delicious, high-plant protein powder can be mixed with smoothies, added to juice, coconut water, or water at mealtime, and is packed with minerals & vitamins. During an effective cleanse, it is necessary to build alkalinity with a source of vegan protein and nutritive herbs.

Dense nutrients found in chlorella and spirulina are both great protein sources! 

Marshmallow is a digestive aid that doubles as a "molecular taxi" to move lipids, bile, and fatty acids, while regulating blood volume.

We also included an all-time favorite source of Vitamin C—a very important factor in our detoxification pathways—with rosehips

Each 3oz (85g) powder packet contains approximately 30.91 teaspoons (10-30 servings, which can be a 2-week supply). Start with 1 teaspoon and work your way up to 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon) per day. Ways to take your powders: in liquid (juice, water), in yogurt, in almond butter, or in smoothies. Many ingredients in this useful remedy are wild-crafted and hand harvested, and all ingredients are certified organic. Free of common allergens: Gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and egg.

Benefits:  High in protein, of course, but also packed with minerals & vitamins. The chlorella and spirulina are both great protein sources and have the ability to help with heavy metal detox! Rose hips are a great source of Vitamin C, which is a very important factor in our detoxification pathways. Marshmallow is a digestive and urinary herb. It is high in albumin, which serves as a "molecular taxi" to move lipids, bile, and fatty acids, while regulating blood volume. 

Ingredients: Spirulina, Rosehips, Marshmallow Root, Chlorella

Suggested Use:  1-3 tsp/day, 1-2 times/day. It takes our body time to assimilate new things, so it is great to slowly add these powders in. Start with 1 tsp the first day, 2 the second, and work up to 3tsp/day (1T/d). This process will vary for all of us, so the most important thing is to listen to your body and respond accordingly.

*Note from Summer: I am really pleased with how these powders turned out, both medicinally and in taste. Try the powders in water first and pay attention to how your body responds. You can also put Alkaline Protein Power in your juice or smoothie, or sprinkle it over your food.

**This product was reformulated in early 2018 to remove Maca so it could be taken any time of day for a plant-powered protein boost. The new formula of Alkaline Protein Power is 29.15% protein, meaning 0.8g / teaspoon or 2.4g / Tablespoon. This is a 33% protein increase from the previous formulation!

***I have researched extensively and despite the claims that spirulina and chlorella have iodine and are therefore contraindicated for Hashimoto's, they contain such small amounts that even in an iodine-restricted diet (maintaining 100 mcg or less per day), it would be challenging to exceed this even taking Alkaline Protein Power multiple times per day.

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