Herbal Support to Soothe Stomachs, Boost Energy, & Balance the Biome

Prebiotic Energy Power

  • $25.95

Boost energy naturally without caffeine or stimulants. The Maca in this specially crafted herbal formula will help you wean off coffee without skipping a beat. The natural adrenal-healing qualities will help you transition away from coffee while you are cleansing so you can get more out of your cleanse!

Each 3oz (85g) powder packet contains 14 tablespoons (2 week supply). Start with 1 teaspoon and work your way up to 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon) per day. Ways to take your powders: in liquid (juice, water), in yogurt, in almond butter, or in smoothies. 

Benefits:  Dandelion Root not only improves digestion and purifies the kidneys, but it also contains a myriad of amazing vitamins to help support your gut health journey. Dandelion root is also a prebiotic. Carob Root helps with blood cholesterol levels, while Maca is packed full of essential amino acids. Chicory is a powerful prebiotic, which feeds probiotics in the intestines.

Powdered ingredients: roasted chicory root*, roasted dandelion root*, roasted carob*, gelatinized maca*. (*organic) 

Suggested Use: Enjoy 1-3 tsp daily in food or liquid. You may also use this in herbal lattes as an alternative to coffee that gives you an energy boost. 

*Note from Summer: I am really pleased with how this powder turned out, both medicinally and taste. Try the powder in water first and pay attention to how your body responds. 

Raves From Our Fans:

"I have been amazed that with the Energy Power I didn't experience any of the caffeine withdrawal I had expected. I have been migraine-free since day 3 of the cleanse so I am thinking that they could be food or gut related. Will have to keep an eye on that once I start re-introducing other foods back in." - Linda, Probiotic Power Cleanse participant

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