Herbal Support to Soothe Stomachs, Boost Energy, & Balance the Biome

Better Belly Jumpstart Kit

  • $225.00

Enhance your Better Belly journey...

Get better results with my favorite bone broth protein and probiotics combined with my very own small batch herbal formulas.

I invented these formulas and my clients have been having better bowel movements, stronger hair, skin, and nails. These formulas contain the ideal herbs to seal the lining of the gut and boost energy levels naturally.

If you have leaky gut, allergies, bloating, and less than perfect digestion, the Better Belly Jumpstart Kit will help you feel better in one week.

The Better Belly Jumpstart Kit is a one month supply and includes: 

pH strips - Get daily feedback on how well your body is absorbing minerals and reacting to stress.

Probiotic Power - These are the probiotic supplements I most highly recommend.

Prebiotic Energy Power - Dodge the afternoon energy slumps and have steady energy all day long without stimulants! All the while feeding your microbiome. 

Liver Lover Warming Bitters - Stimulate digestion naturally using these ancient herbal medicines. My most popular product to date.

Bone Broth Protein Powder - Unsweetened and unflavored for versatility in your smoothies without the funky ingredients found in most protein powders.

Alkaline Protein Power - It’s not enough to take probiotics and hope they’ll work. You must make your body an ideal environment for probiotics to repopulate and this herbal blend does exactly that.

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